Your Book Report Is Coming Due!

Think back to when you were in school. Doesn’t matter whether it was middle school, high school or college. At some point you were given an assignment to write a book report or term paper on a particular subject and it would be due weeks or even months into the future, where it would then be handed into the teacher.

And I think it would be safe to say, that the majority of us would wait until almost the deadline date before we would even start working on that book report.

Why did we do that?

Now there were some students who would start working on their book report right away and would be finish months before it was due. We hated them right?

I mean, they weren’t cool. But again, why did we wait to get started? I believe during my entire time in school, I might have started on a book report or term paper right away ONCE and completed it weeks before it was due. I felt so free and easy. I remember walking the halls of my school bragging how I was all done and teasing my friends and classmates who weren’t.

Funniest thing though, I never ever did that again. Not in middle school, high school or college. And I don’t know why. I always waited until the last minute, but I always got it done. I justified my action by telling my fellow classmates some B.S. about how I liked working under pressure. But again, why the procrastination?

Well I might not know why I procrastinated. But I do know this, there is another “book report” coming due in ALL of our lives and if we wait until the last minute on this one, it’s gonna be curtains for us financially!

What am I talking about? In this case, your “book report” is your retirement date. The day you call it quits from working. The day you are no longer of any use to the employers out there because they would rather hire someone younger and pay them less. Question is, are you really working on your book report ferociously right now or are you still coasting and waiting until the last minute?

I was reminded recently that the average person has 25,550 days in which to live. So, if you’re at the half way point, that means you have 12,775 days left.

You see, there is a “book report” coming due and it’s coming due at the age of 65. The clock is ticking. And if you haven’t been working on it and think you’re going to “pull a rabbit out of a hat” at 65, you’re wrong. You don’t get a second shot at this book report friend. This great country of ours doesn’t treat it’s seniors who live on a fixed income very well at all. And besides, those of us who are half-spent on our 25,550 days probably won’t see social security anyway. The numbers just aren’t there for it.

But alas, you have a Plan B right? It’s going to make you financially independent?

And you plan on making up for all that lost time you haven’t been seriously working on your “book report” to make it all okay… right?

I mean who gives a second thought about becoming old, barely able to climb a flight of stairs and working part-time at McDonald’s flipping burgers or standing for a prolonged period of time at Walmart as a greeter to make ends meet?

However Y-O-U-R “book report” is coming due, will you get an “A” and retire financially set with no worries? Or will you get an “F” and rely on the government and your kids to support you into your last days?

The choice is yours. Start making everyday count my fellow entrepreneurs.

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