Top 5 Time Wasters That Hurt Network Marketers

When you are a network marketing and work from home a great deal of the time there are plenty of things that can be time thieves. Here you will learn the top 5 time wasters that hurt network marketers.

#1 – Family & Friends (In Person)

Since we work from home, our family and friends often think that we are available just because we are not somewhere outside of the home working. It could be very innocent, something like, “Hey! Do you want chicken or beef for dinner tonight?” That is all that it takes to steal your focus and get your mind off in the wrong direction.

#2 – Family & Friends (Online)

Social media is great but when you are trying to work, you want to make sure that your notifications are off. If you have a Facebook tab up and it says you have even one notification, you may just be tempted to open it up and “just check for a minute.” Trolling social media liking and commenting on people’s photos and posts is not income producing activity.

#3 – Undone Tasks

If you home or business tasks that you have been putting off, these are going to distract you and waste your valuable brain power. If you have to put down whatever you are doing and get those things done, just do it.

#4 – Unqualified Leads

You may have leads to email or call but if they are not truly interested, you are wasting your time. Make them jump through a few hoops to ensure they are serious about learning more or you are just going to waste your time.

#5 – Missed Appointments

This has a bit to do with point number four. If you are dealing with unqualified leads you may be getting a lot of missed appointments. If you are booking that time and holding that spot for that lead and they do not show up, it is going to put you in a bad mood and you’ll waste your time being upset and trying to figure out something else to fill that time slot.

Don’t fall into these traps. You want to make sure that you set working hours so your friends and family know, clear up any tabs or notifications, get any undone tasks out of the way and only work with qualified leads.

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